Our Commitment

Triple Turn Dance Experience is passionate about providing a welcoming family-oriented environment for performers to feel safe showcasing their talents on stage.

Whilst there is always a competitive aspect to dance events, we strive to make the event an experience for every family to enjoy, and a safe platform for dancers to build on their dance skills and confidence of performing.

Triple Turn Dance Experience is open to all amateur performers, and we want all entrants to feel comfortable performing amongst likeminded dancers whether they have been doing it for 10 years or are just starting out for the first time.

It is our commitment to provide a smoothly run, professional environment for entrants to perform in front of an industry professional, their peers and spectators, and most of all to be able to have fun.

We truly believe that every performer has "won"  by stepping out on the stage. Whether they receive an award or not, we believe every performer has won from what they have achieved in learning, practicing, polishing, and bringing a routine to the stage for all to witness and enjoy, as well as their own growth from the experience.

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