We strive to provide a platform for performers that is, fun and encouraging, easy to enter and enjoyable for everyone on the day. Whilst rules are never fun to read they are a necessity, that said we want to keep things simple and straightforward so everyone can have an entertaining day, and we respectfully ask that all entrants understand and follow the event rules.

  1. Triple Turn Dance Experience is for amateur performers who undertake dance training as an extracurricular activity outside of their regular formal education.
  2. Triple Turn Dance Experience will provide a professional platform for performers to do what they love. We will uphold a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone feels welcome and respected. In return we kindly ask that everyone attending our events upholds this ethos and maintains dignity and respect for every performer at all times around the venue and side stage.
  3. Entries to sections is to be done with the age of the performer as-at the 1st January in the year competing. In the case of Duos and Trios the oldest performer’s age should be used. Proof of Age of any competitor may be requested and must be produced at competitor’s expense. Prizes may be withheld until proof of age is produced if requested.
  4. Entries must be made via Comps Online, and no entry shall be considered accepted until fully completed and payment made in full for all entry costs.
  5. We reserve the right to close entries or certain sections ahead of the advertised closing date, where the event or sections sell out.
  6. All entries made to an event are non-refundable except in the case of medical reason and only on presentation of a Doctors Medical Certificate. Credits towards future events may be given at the discretion of Triple Turn Dance Experience.
  7. If in unforeseen circumstances we need to cancel and entire event, then refunds will be given to all entrants less credit card and comps online transaction fees.
  8. Incorrect entries can be adjusted up until the draft program is distributed, by emailing us. Everybody is human and mistakes do happen, so if you think you have made an error on your entry then let us know as soon as possible once the draft is released and we’ll do everything we can to help you sort this out. All corrections must be made prior to the final program. Changes after final program is released will only be made at organisers discretion and will incur an administration fee of $10.
  9. We reserve the right to adjust event categories and sections after entries have been made, where this is deemed appropriate to the smooth running of the event, as well as combining, splitting or removing sections where it is felt appropriate based on the number of entries.
  10. All music must be provided via Music Uploads (separate Music Upload fees apply). Music which is not uploaded before the music cut-off date will be treated that the entrant no-longer wishes to perform, and we reserve the right to remove the performer from the program.
  11. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure backup music is available on the day in the form of USB or mobile device. Entrants must also ensure they have the necessary phone audio adapters to allow music to be played in backup circumstances.
  12. The choice of music for a routine as well as its choreography must be appropriate for family viewing, as well as appropriate to the age of the performer. At the discretion of the adjudicator points may be deducted from a performers routine where this rule is deemed broken.
  13. Triple Turn Dance Experience believes all Performers should wear stockings or tights when performing on stage, and whilst this is at the dancers discretion we would highly recommend it.
  14. At no time shall a performer or anyone attending the event walk on to the stage other than for their performance time. No on stage rehearsing will be permitted at any time.
  15. Adjudicator critiques will be in the form of electronic voice critiques. We will do all we can to upload these to your Music Uploads account as soon as possible after entrants have performed, but factors outside our control may mean there is a delay for this, such as Internet availability at some venues.
  16. A performer may not enter an event, if they have at any time in the past 1 year before the event date, received private tuition of any kind from the adjudicator, except where attending one off group based workshops with the adjudicator.
  17. Performers must arrive on the day of the event in plenty of time before the start time advertised on the program for the section they are performing in. We recommend arriving 1 hour before the section start time.
  18. We make a commitment to treat everyone with respect and we kindly ask that all performers and spectators uphold a similar manner toward everyone, and in respect to performers on stage keep movement to a minimum around the venue. We provide a supportive environment for all and hope everyone would treat fellow performers with respect courtesy side stage and around the venue.
  19. We respectfully request all performers and attendees of the event to maintain a clean environment in the dressing rooms where they setup, and ensure to clear away any rubbish before leaving.
  20. No consumption of food or drink in the dressing rooms, other than water.
  21. At no time on the day of the event, shall an entrant or anyone attending the event with the entrant, approach the adjudicator.
  22. Should an entrant or other associated person wish to discuss anything about the event on the day, then this should be done via the welcome desk at the event, or if possible via email afterwards.
  23. No one other than the performer shall be allowed back or side stage, with the exception of guardians for a performer 10 years or under, or where a helper is needed to handle props for any age.
  24. Props are the responsibility of the performer and/or their guardian at all times. Depending on the venue it may not be possible to leave props back or side stage and the performer is responsible for arranging for props to be moved side stage when required. Our friendly staff will always help performers if needed moving props on or off stage. Props should be able to be setup in a timely fashion so as not to affect the running of the event.
  25. No inappropriate props are allowed at our events, including no flames, glass items, fresh fruit or food items, fresh flowers, glitter/confetti. This list is not exhaustive and is intended to provide an example and for common sense to be used. If in any doubt then please contact us in advance of the event to discuss.
  26. No acrobatic or aeriel fixed props are permitted at our events due to insurance conditions. This includes but is not limited to; Silks, Lyra Rings, Suspended Ropes, or any item that needs its own framing or fixing to the stage or racking.
  27. To avoid disruption to the performers on stage and the adjudicator, we ask that tap shoes must not be worn around the venue, and ideally should be put on side stage.
  28. The adjudicators decision is final within the constraints of the rules, and shall not be open for discussion on the day of the event.
  29. In following with Government Child Safety Laws, there is to be absolutely NO personal filming or videography of any kind when there is a performer on the stage. Breaches of this rule may result in point deductions or disqualification for offending families, at the discretion of event staff.
  30. Official photographers and Videographers may be present at events, allowing entrants and families to purchase media. This is handled directly by the businesses supplying these services.
  31. Only the adjudicator at the event will influence or have decision about a performer’s points or awards, as well as the outcome of placings within each section, and the adjudicator’s decision is final. The only exception to this is for non-section specific special awards given by event organisers.
  32. Awards will be given for places 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each section. In addition there will be special awards for varying categories at the discretion of the organisers. Highly Commended awards will be at the sole discretion of the adjudicator and event organisers will not be aware when this may or may not happen.
  33. Triple Turn Dance Experience takes Health and Safety extremely seriously, and whilst every effort will be made by organisers to provide a safe event, it is the full responsibility of the performer and everyone attending the event, to provide their own first aid. This involves ensuring you have your own travel/instant ice/heat packs or any other medication/first-aid supplies as required.
  34. Upon entering the venue for our events you acknowledge and grant us access to use any video or photographic media we might take of any performer during the course of the event, for the sole use on our public website and/or Social Media accounts. Should an entrant or guardian have any issue with this then this must be made clear in person to the organisers on arrival at the day of the event.
  35. Every performer and anyone else attending a Triple Turn Dance Experience event, does so at their own risk, and entry to the event or attendance on the day means you are bound to this and all other rules. Triple Turn Dance Experience takes no responsibility for injury/death or loss/damage of property. It is agreed by entering that performers, parents and guardians, or anyone else attending the event agree to hold harmless and indemnify Triple Turn Dance Experience, its owners, volunteers, staff and employees of the venue, for any loss or injury incurred whilst in attendance at an event.
  36. In unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to change the adjudicator for an event.
  37. No smoking/consumption of alcohol is permitted inside any event venue at anytime.
  38. These rules are subject to change and may do so at any time.


Classical Ballet – Must include the classical dance form and demonstrate ballet technique, as well as showing grace, precision and employing formalized steps and gestures.

Demi Character – Allowing the performer to demonstrate classical ballet technique performed to a classical piece of music and whilst portraying a story.

Lyrical – A combination of slow controlled ballet style movements, demonstrating ballet technique with the freedom of other genres, whilst also showing an understanding of the musicality and lyrics by way of expression and interpretation.

Contemporary – An expressive form of the body based on free movements and improvisation, displaying the alternation between the force of movement and the release and the importance of the awareness of each gesture.

Jazz – The performance of jazz techniques to up tempo music.

No Tricks Jazz – The same as regular Jazz sections but reserved for performers who do not have any acro tricks in their routine. We respectfully ask all entrants to use their own common sense and discretion when entering this section. Acro tricks are defined as a move where the waist goes higher than the performers head, for example Aerials/Walkovers, however cartwheels are permitted.

No Tricks Lyrical – The same as regular Lyrical sections but reserved for performers who do not have any acro tricks in their routine. We respectfully ask all entrants to use their own common sense and discretion when entering this section. Acro tricks are defined as a move where the waist goes higher than the performers head, for example Aerials/Walkovers, however cartwheels are permitted.

Hip Hop – A fusion dance genre with influences from many sources, with performers demonstrating a variance of modern movements, as well as strong expression and full-body performance style.

Acrobatics – Routines displaying mainly movements that showcase the acrobatic/gymnastic/tumbling styles.

Tap – Performers may demonstrate Tap technique to any style or tempo of their choosing.

Song and Dance – Displaying a combination of singing and dancing, which are evenly balanced throughout the routine. No vocals allowed on the performer’s music whilst they are singing, but will be permitted once the routine breaks to dance.

Musical Theatre – A theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Displaying elements such as humour and emotion through words, music, movement and technical ability.

Any Other Style – This section is for entrants who wish to perform a routine of any genre and style where there is not already a section for it. Additionally this section can be entered by a performer with a second routine if they have already entered one of the same genre in the main sections. e.g. To enter a Lyrical in this section you must also have entered a different lyrical in the main section. Performers can enter up to 2 routines in this section (no repeats).

First Year On Stage – Any style or genre of routine, but reserved for performers who have never performed in a competitive solo event prior to the current year they are entering.

Section Age Bands

  • 4 Years & under
  • 6 Years & under
  • 8 Years & under
  • 10 Years & under
  • 12 Years & under
  • 14 Years & under
  • 16 Years & under
  • Open Age


  • 4 years & under will be Any Style only, and allow three entries per performer if desired (no repeats).
  • My First Year On Stage will only be in age bands 6U, 8U, 10U, and 12U, and allow two entries per performer if desired (no repeats).
  • No Tricks Jazz and No Tricks Lyrical will only be in age bands 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, Open Age.
  • Any Other Style - Performers may enter up to two routines (no repeats).

Time Limits

Solos/Duos/Trios – 3 minutes

Entry Fees

  • Competitor Pass $30 per dancer.
  • Solos $45 per routine.
  • Duos/Trios $55 per routine.


Improv will be held at our events prior to the awards of each session. Improv rules may vary from one event to the next, but will be explained to performers on the day.

A 1st place award will be given for the winner of improv, to be decided by the adjudicator at the event.

There is no additional cost for entering into the improv, and performers can let event organisers know on the day if they’d like to partake.


All sections will be awarded with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place regardless of how many are in the section, and awardees will receive either a trophy or medal (events may differ).

Highly Commended ribbons will be awarded at the adjudicator’s discretion.

In sections that are 4U and 6U, all performers who do not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will be awarded a Highly Commended ribbon.

Session Top 5 Awards

Certificate awards will be given to recognise the top 5 highest scoring routines in each awards session.

A trophy or medal (may differ at events) will be awarded for the 1st highest scoring performer in each awards session.

Special Awards

Special awards are for a variety of reasons and may change from event to event at the organisers discretion, but could include trophies, medals, certificates, and cash/voucher sponsored prizes.

Decisions for these awards will be made by event organisers or in collaboration with the adjudicator on the day.